Monday, June 2, 2014

PS3 Repair : Step by Step Repair Guide

Couple of weeks ago my PS3 needed some serious repair as it had gone through a lot of abuse from me in terms of heavy gaming. I have had all sorts of problems with my PS3 in the past but this time it was completely dead and even after trying different support forums and implementing fixes, I was unable to make my PS3 work.

I knew that this time my PS3 has had enough and it was time to get it repaired professionally. Contacting Sony was not very helpful as they told me that I needed to pay a couple hundred bucks and wait up to 4-6 weeks to have it repaired and delivered back to me. So having my PS3 repaired by Sony was not an option. What I needed was some sort of PS3 repair guide that had all the solutions and fixes explained in the easiest possible way so that I can repair it myself.

I talked with some of my friends who have also been PS3 users for quite sometimes and one of them shared with me how and where he gets all his PS3 problems removed without spending extra cash every time. He sent me a link to a Do-it-Yourself  PS3 repair guide which I can access for less than the cost of a single game.

Highlighted Features of PS3 Repair Guide:


Immediately after paying a very low onetime fee, I was emailed my login details for the members area which had all the PS3 repair material and lots of it in every possible form such as :

  • Professionally made Video guides.
  • Repair e-Books addressing many PS3 issues and their fixes.
  • And very easy to follow step-by-step instruction manual (my favorite)

Plus I was also provided 24/7 one-on-one support via live chat and email. If you have been having issues with your PS3 lately then I would highly recommended that you get this repair guide as it will help a great deal in fixing your PS3 permanently.