Saturday, July 20, 2013

PS3 Repair Kit Permanently Removes Over 95% Problems

It was quite annoying for me to not able to play my favorite game on my PS3 just because of those flashing light errors a.k.a. yellow, red or green light of death.

Sometimes I was getting DNS error while other times it was either my freezing PS3 or the audio issue.

On many occasions I came across various error codes that I had no idea what these indicate and I was left with the only option to plug off the power cable and do something else.

Searching SONY's official forum for a possible solution was just another waste of time and sending my PS3 to SONY was never on my list of tasks as I was never willing to pay over $150 to get by PS3 fixed.

I had killed endless hours searching Google for different error fixes and literally spent days watching YouTube videos and implementing fixes that people had to offer but those were never permanent fixes.

I was lucky enough to find a PS3 repair kit by the name PS3LightsFix which was available for download at a very low price. With so much misery already absorbed, I had very little to lose so I got the PS3 repair kit and to be very honest I am glad I did.

The PS3LightsFix turned out to be my '1' Stop guide for permanently removing all the PS3 problems that I had encountered so far. The repair kit included how to get rid of blinking yellow light of death (ylod), the flashing/solid red light as well as the flashing green light.  

This PS3 repair kit also addressed issues related to red screen, black screen of death, frequent PS3 freezing issues, Blue-ray drive errors and many other common PS3 problems.

The guide or rather the repair kit also lists down all the possible PS3 error codes with their solutions that are super easy to implement.

The best part about the PS3LightsFix PS3 repair kit is that it was available instantly for download and I got the login details immediately through email. After I logged into the members area of their website I was presented with menus labeled Home, Guides, Videos, Bonuses Contact. I have put the screenshot of the members area below along with the material that I can download from there. 

This is a screenshot of the guides section with a list of all the PS3 repair guides that are in PDF format, very easy to read plus these all are with images and easy to follow instructions.

This is the video guides section screenshot where there are hours of videos with easy to follow instructions of fixing a lot of PS3 problems. Another great asset to receive along with the PDF guides.

So far I am very happy that I got the PS3LightsFix repair kit and I will not be wasting my precious time searching for solutions that I encounter during game play because now I know exactly where to find them.

Another great thing about the PS3LightsFix repair guide was that if somehow I lose the downloaded guides and videos from my hard drive, I can always log into their website and re-download again with the login details that are given to me and I have a lifetime member's account.   

You can go ahead and visit PS3LightsFix Homepage and find out more about the repair kit and instructions on how to access it.

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