Saturday, May 3, 2014

Black Screen PS3 and How To Fix It Explained

I came across the 'Black Screen' problem for my PS3 quite sometimes ago and it is pretty much fixed now without Sony's help. The black screen PS3 is rather a blank screen that usually occurs for a variety of reasons. Luckily I managed to fix it permanently and I will explain in details of all the steps I performed below.

After collecting enormous amount of advices from all sorts of PS3 forums, I started applying it to my PS3 in hopes to get rid of the black screen.

  • I replaced the HDMI cable and also the RCA cables that are in red, yellow and white colors. Rebooted my PS3 to find that it still gives me a blank screen.
  • Then I tried by pressing and holding the power button a few seconds until 2-4 beeps are heard and the PS3 still showed no signs of booting. Some people keep on saying that this resets the PS3 and the blank screen issue is resolved but this never happened.

Many users were writing there experience about 'black screen PS3' but after spending countless hours researching myself, I came to the conclusion that If I ever want to get rid of my PS3 blank screen issue without having to call Sony and send them my unit, I need to refer to a true PS3 professional PS3 guide or some sort of repair manual.

Not to mention here that if somehow I had sent my PS3 to Sony then I did have to spare a lot more than $150 which is quite a lot considering that PS3 is not very expensive these days.


How I Fixed PS3 Black Screen Problem ?

Now comes the real deal and I will not make you guys wait any longer. I logged into my PS3 repair kit account that I had earlier signed up and found the exact step by step instructions that are needed to permanently fix the black screen PS3 problem.

You can read more about the PS3 repair kit by clicking here or just go ahead and register for your own account and download the PS3 repair kit to your computer. 

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