Saturday, April 26, 2014

My PS3 Keep Freezing : Follow These Instructions To Fix It

A few months back my PS3 keep freezing for some unknown reasons and I could not play games on my PS3 for more than 40 minutes and I felt so much disappointment because I could not fully enjoy some new games that I just bought and really wanted to play.

This was the worst part i.e. my PS3 still keeps freezing quite frequently sometimes during startup while other times at random. The good part was that I got it fixed permanently without sending it to Sony. How I got rid of the freezing issue, I will explain later in this article but before that I want to advice you and warn you that there is too much misinformation on the internet about getting the PS3 fixed and you are more likely going to put your PS3 into more problematic mode rather than getting it fixed so do not just listen to anybody when it comes to PS3 repair instructions.

Even information on PlayStation Support suggested that you either re-format your PS3 hard drive or send it to them for repair or replacement which would cost you more than $150 plus few extra weeks of your time.

Formatting your PS3 hard drive to solve the freezing issue seems like a quick fix only if you are one of those who have not too many games saved which is highly unlikely.

Most of the people that I talked about the PS3 freezing problem they suggested that I provide my PS3 more breathing space so that it remains cool even after running for a couple of hours. I even tried this but this did not have any effect and still my PS3 keep freezing after just 30 minutes of gaming.

How My PS3 Freezing Issue Was Resolved? 

There are few very handy PS3 maintenance and repair guides available on the internet most of them cost less than a game's cost. I happen to have one of those PS3 repair guides that I call my PS3 repair kit. With my PS3 repair guide I was able to completely and permanently remove my PS3 freezing problem.

It is a complete PS3 repair kit with detailed set of instructions including images as well as videos to help any PS3 user, with little to no experience with electronics or software, to fix most of the issues that would otherwise require the unit to be sent to Sony. You can read more about the guide by clicking the below link. You can download the PS3 repair kit by clicking here or go to the link below to read more details about it.

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